disclosures to potential buyers
From: Sue STIGLEMAN (sstiglemanbellsouth.net)
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2016 06:58:45 -0700 (PDT)
Hello again!  Thanks so much for the input on wireless networks.  I'm back with 
another question.  
I'm currently serving on our Sales Committee, and I'd like some input about the 
issue of disclosures:   
   - what do we disclose to potential buyers, either as a matter of course or 
upon request   

   - what do we not disclose.     

We'll be making a list of specific yes/no questions to send to our attorney.  
If anyone has suggestions for yes/no questions, I'd love to hear those.  
I'm also interested in general discussion on this list.  I know from 
researching the Fair Housing Act that I can't just rely on my own personal 
sense of what's ok and not, because I discovered that some of the things that I 
might spontaneously do or say are in fact against the Fair Housing Act.  Duh.  
So I'm sure the disclosure issue is more complicated than I think.  
A few of the issues I've thought of:1.  community make-up (such as age range)  
-- we often talk about this spontaneously, as in "we range in age from 2 to 
92".  2.  the various manifestations of rentals -- how many renters we have of 
what types (entire house, houseshare, Airbnb, etc).  3.  Issues that are 
currently under discussion that might change our Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules 
& Regs.  4.  repair and maintenance history or future projections
Thanks for any input!  I've searched through the archives and didn't see this 
particular aspect of this issue discussed.   --sue (Westwood Cohousing, 
Asheville, NC)
Sue Stigleman sstigleman [at] bellsouth.net 828-989-9373
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