Sharingwood Cohousing Open House Event, Saturday 8/6
From: Emily S Lin (
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2016 09:39:36 -0700 (PDT)
Our cohousing community in Washington State is hosting an Open House this
weekend - please spread the word!

Visit Sharingwood Cohousing Community!
Open House, August 6, 3-5PM
RSVP by August 4:

Do you long to live in a community where neighbors get together for
impromptu cookouts and campfires? Where children have the freedom to
explore nature and learn through play, with the safety of a
multi-generational village guiding and caring for them? Where stewarding
the beautiful natural resources of the PNW is a shared commitment and joy?

On Saturday, August 6, individuals, families, and groups are invited to
visit Sharingwood, a cohousing neighborhood northeast of Seattle. Tours led
by current residents will take place between 3PM and 5PM, featuring our
sustainable community garden, protected greenbelt, Common House, and a
question-and-answer period for folks interested in living in an intentional

At 5PM, visitors are invited to stay for our annual Berry Festival Potluck,
a celebration of summer with food and live music!

RSVP here for tours and/or the Berry Festival by August 4:

About Sharingwood:

Sharingwood is a dynamic, evolving community. We are actively seeking to
become more inclusive and diverse and invite people of all backgrounds and
identities to come for a visit.

Sharingwood is a cohousing neighborhood of 28 homes northeast of Seattle.
Homes are privately owned, with some rental spaces, and an abundance of
shared amenities, which include: a 23-acre forested greenbelt with trails,
campground, and a stream; playgrounds and a playfield; productive community
gardens and fruit trees; and a community center called "the CommonHouse.”

This is a social neighborhood, where people strive to know each other and
work together cooperatively to care for each other and the property.
Community teams help maintain the physical and social life of the
neighborhood. These teams include:

   - Greenscape Team, which maintains the community garden, the common
   grounds, and trails and campgrounds in our greenbelt
   - Finance Team and Board, which serve many traditional HOA functions as
   well as cohousing-specific operations
   - Children’s Team, Dinner Team, and Social Team, which organize
   community dinners and activities like cookouts and parades

We also have ad hoc groups that reflect the interests and goals of our
residents. These groups engage in activities such as:

   - Holding fitness, yoga, and tai chi classes
   - Examining white privilege and racism, and working to create a more
   inclusive and diverse community
   - Creating community podcasts and newsletters
   - Assessing community resources for emergency preparedness (i.e., the
   Zombiepocalypse Team)

For more information, please visit:, or our
Facebook page at

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