Re: Joani (Blank) update - Sad news
From: Deborah Nagle-Burks (
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2016 16:58:30 -0700 (PDT)
She was a hero of mine. 
Blessings on you Queen Joani.

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> On Aug 8, 2016, at 4:12 PM, Diane <dianeclaire [at]> wrote:
> She will be so deeply missed.  How can there be a coho conference without
> her?
> Diane
>> On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 5:41 PM, Neil Planchon <neil [at]> wrote:
>> Hello everyone in Cohousing-l land…
>> I am attaching two recent messages about Joani - my longtime personal
>> friend, neighbor and Cohousing ambassadress. One of mine and the other
>> Amika’s (Joani’s daughter) are below….
>> =-=-=-
>> Hello neighbors
>> I am saddened as I share with you that Joani passed away Saturday (8/6)
>> around 5:30PM.  She had loving family by her side who shepherded her
>> through the last stage of this life.
>> Rest in peace, Joani (my sweet)
>> Neil
>> (Swan's Market Cohousing - <
>> -=-=-
>> And here is the message which Amika posted on Facebook on August 7th…
>> "My mama passed yesterday, at home, Blossom and me and Bapu by her
>> side...My family was blessed to have spent this sacred time with this
>> lovely woman who raised me as her own.
>> "She was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in June, took the news like a
>> champ and did like she always down to business and handled
>> logistics and preparations. She chose to have a Celebration of Life rather
>> than a funeral, and at celebration last week, she was able to say her
>> goodbyes and feel the love of her community.
>> "She opened her celebration addressing police brutality and honoring the
>> Black Lives Matter movement. Her life was based on advancing social justice
>> issues, and the bigger picture always took precedence over her personal
>> struggles. The celebration was another platform for her to acknowledge what
>> was really important to her. She had a rapid decline after the celebration,
>> and I think she felt she had completed what she needed to.
>> "This fierce revolutionary woman has taught us all so much. She has done
>> so many things in her full days here on earth and I know you all have
>> stories...share them if you feel like it. If I made this post about all
>> she's done it would take days.
>> "Instead, we are honoring the graceful way she passed. She relaxed into
>> the process and let go of trying to control anything...she was able to
>> receive love and care, and transformed into this gentle and vulnerable
>> Queen. She spoke with each one of my kids and my Papa in the last days of
>> her consciousness. She passed me the "boss torch", and gave her blessings
>> to my incarcerated other half as he led us in family prayer on the phone.
>> We laid with her and watched her take her last breath. She had a sweet
>> smile on her face and was comfortable. Milo joined us and we covered her
>> body in henna tattoos, flowers from the garden, frankincense and lavender
>> oils, and filled her space with candlelight, sage, copal, and Palos Santos.
>> Bapu stayed curled up with her in bed...we played music and looked at
>> pictures and laughed and cried. It was exactly what she wanted, and it was
>> beautiful to hold space for her at the gates…”
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