Re: Two homes for sale at Westwood Cohousing in Asheville, North Carolina -- update about links.
From: Virgil Huston (
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2016 18:46:52 -0700 (PDT)
These are a couple of the least expensive cohousing units I have seen
and they look very nice. My question is, is there anywhere in the US
where cohousing is actually affordable for the unwashed masses? Is
there any cohousing available for people who cannot afford $300K plus
homes? I love the concept, but it certainly seems like a pretty
elitist thing. I am not trying to be difficult, I would love to live
in a cohousing situation, but, as Wonder Warthog once said, "not at
these Uranus prices."

On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 9:49 AM, Sue STIGLEMAN <sstigleman [at]> 
> The links for the 2 homes aren't working.  I'll figure that out, but in the 
> meantime, just go to our main website -- -- and then 
> click on For Sale/Rent at the bottom of the page.  That should take you to 
> the page about sales, which has links to the 2 homes for sale, as well as a 
> home and an apartment for rent.
> Sorry!
> --sue Sue Stigleman sstigleman [at] 828-989-9373
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>  Subject: [C-L]_ Two homes for sale at Westwood Cohousing in Asheville, North 
> Carolina
> There are two homes for sale at Westwood, an established cohousing community 
> in wonderful town of Asheville, North Carolina.  Our community website is 
>  To see one of the homes for sale, contact the owners 
> listed below.
> We will be having a community open house on Saturday, September 10 from 2-4.
> Westwood residents will give tours for visitors at mutually convenient 
> scheduled times. Tours usually last an hour to an hour and a half. We request 
> a donation of $10 for 1 person plus $5 for each additional person. Children 
> under 18 are free. Please email contactwestwood [at] to arrange for 
> a tour and receive directions to Westwood.
> 1.  A 3 bedroom unit:  (details 
> below; photos at website)
> 2.  A 2 bedroom unit:  (details 
> below; photos at website)
> 1.  Two story, three bedroom, two bath home in Westwood for sale
> Experience the cohousing lifestyle in a lovely setting, with beautiful 
> gardens, lots of open space, while situated in a dynamic urban environment. 
> Rapidly expanding West Asheville restaurants, clubs and other services are 
> only a ten minute walk away, while downtown Asheville is a ten minute drive. 
> Bus lines are also readily available.Westwood has twenty four units, housing 
> a diverse population of around 50 people of all ages (2 to 92) and 
> ethnicity.Our unit is around 1100 square feet and includes an "open" design 
> with vaulted ceilings and skylights. Brilliant morning light floods the main 
> room. There are three bedrooms, two on the second floor, with a bath on each 
> floor. Mini-splits on each floor provide AC, while heating is provided 
> through a super-efficient common system of hot water and thermal floor 
> heating. Two outdoor porches round out the design, one of them enclosed by 
> screens.Westwood has an active program of common meals and other activities. 
> We self-manage through teams and community work contributions and invite your 
> interest.Asking $289,000. Available in November 2016.Contact: Louis Lieb, 
> louislieb2 [at], 828-778-4422.
> 2.  Unit D15: Located in the central part of Westwood Cohousing Community 
> near downtown West Asheville, 4 miles from downtown Asheville, this unit is 
> in the heart of everything you could want in a community. It will be listed 
> for sale beginning in October 2016. For more information, contact Vance Reese 
> at (828) 280-9698.Built in 1997-98, Westwood is an intentional community of 
> 24 households. The residents' ages vary from 3 to 92 years. The blocks of 
> house are clustered around landscaped commons with a central Common House 
> where the community meals and other activities take place.Unit D15 is on two 
> levels, having two bedrooms, and one and a half baths. The kitchen (fully 
> equipped) is on the ground floor, and the bedrooms and full bath are on the 
> upper floor. Adjacent parking is available for cars, bicycles and scooters. 
> Play lots, trails, gardens and a gazebo are all features of the grounds. 
> Washer/dryer facilities, television and internet are available in the Common 
> House fifty feet away.West Asheville is a vibrant center of activity with 
> restaurants, cafés, breweries, grocery stores, a health food market, a public 
> library, yoga and massage studios, and much more. Downtown Asheville is only 
> a ten minute drive, and the bus route is less than a half-mile walk. The Blue 
> Ridge Parkway, Bent Creek Recreational area, Biltmore Estate, and NC 
> Arboretum are all within eight miles.
> --sue
> Sue Stigleman sstigleman [at] 828-989-9373
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