Re: Car Charger Hazard
From: Ann Zabaldo (
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 20:13:33 -0700 (PDT)
Hi all —

I Googled:  Electric car charging station fire hazards.  This is what I found:

What do you think?

How much risk is too much risk?  

Would we do away with washing machines, clothes dryers, etc. because they can 
cause a fire?

The home is a dangerous place filled with all kinds of combustibles and lethal 
materials but we probably wouldn’t do without too many of our labor saving 
devices because they can cause a fire.  In fact we keep loading up the home 
with ever new ones.

Are charging stations for cars posing more of a risk than any other electrical 
device in a home?  Or is it because they are a new animal at the watering hole?

I don’t know they answer to this … I’m just asking … :-)

Best --

Ann Zabaldo
Takoma Village Cohousing
Washington, DC
Principal, Cohousing Collaborative, LLC
Falls Church, VA

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> On Aug 26, 2016, at 10:09 AM, Chuck Harrison <cfharr [at]> wrote:
> This person may be reassured by further research into the safety history of
> electric cars. However I suggest you be alert to the possibility that there
> is a different, underlying concern that he/she has difficulty articulating,
> and that the fire risk is just a proxy. In this sort of situation you're
> unlikely to find resolution until the person feels emotionally safe &
> comfortable revealing the deeper concern.
> If you've been doing consensus process for a while, you've probably seen
> this type of thing.
> Best
> Chuck
> Duwamish cohousing, Seattle
> On Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 5:08 AM, Susan Dowds <sjdowds [at]> wrote:
>> At Cornerstone Cohousing in Cambridge MA we have a household that wants to
>> buy an electric car, and mount a charging station on an exterior wall, near
>> the  parking space.  An adjacent household has heard things about the risk
>> of melt-down and fire of lithium ion batteries like those used in electric
>> cars, and does not want the charger anywhere near their unit.  Have you
>> encountered a similar situation, and if so, how did you handle it?
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