affordable unit for sale at FrogSong (Cotati, CA)!
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My neighbor Dave Ergo is selling a two-bedroom unit here at FrogSong. This
is unprecedented - so far none of the smallest units have gone up for sale!
(He's moving to a larger unit as his family expands.) It is also part of the
city's affordable housing program, so there are income requirements and
resale restrictions. Here's his blurb, with a link to more information
(including what you have to do to qualify). If you have questions, READ ALL
OF THE WEBSITE INFO FIRST and then contact Dave, not me.

Affordable Housing Townhome for Sale at Frog Song Cohousing

This sunny, two-bedroom, one-bath cohousing townhome for sale is part of the
Frog Song Cohousing Community in Cotati, CA. It is an 871 square-foot
upstairs flat next door to the Common House. It is part of the City of
Cotati's Affordable Housing/Inclusionary Zoning program, which means that it
has certain restrictions regarding price and the income level of the
buyer-qualified buyers therefore have a smaller pool of people to compete
with. For more information about this home, see the website at

Eris Weaver for Cotati City Council
eris4citycouncil [at] . 707-338-8589

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