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From: Tiffany Lee Brown (
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2016 18:39:43 -0700 (PDT)

PRECs sound like a great idea. but how do you get that first giant chunk of
land set aside, invested in, funded? is there a model that could combine
some of the greed/investment mentality we have in our housing with the idea
of not allowing gentrification to drive up real estate prices? could there
be some sort of gradation, to encourage investors/developers to help make
this happen? show them a small amount of fast profit that could be made
from their initial investment, and then on an ongoing basis, the homes are
owned by the collective?

and if the only chance that most everyday, middle-class people have of
investing their money and seeing a return on it is the home they live in
--- how do we change that reality? most of us still want to "get ahead,"
e.g. we like to fantasize about having enough retirement that we won't be
eating dog food and having to skip our expensive heart medicine when we're
older. most of us cannot afford to pay rent/mortgage AND then also invest
in something else substantial. i know my family, which has extensive
medical bills, could never pull that off. the only way we paid off our
debts and were able to move someplace healthier was by selling our house in
a neighborhood that's gotten really hot. if all our money was going to
day-to-day living (such as a co-op in which we won't ever see any return),
what would we do?

so confusing.


tiffany lee brown

editor, plazm magazine
director, new oregon arts & letters

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