Re: How does your community handle internal communications?
From: david bygott (
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 07:45:00 -0700 (PDT)
Our community has 3 media for internal communications:
1) A “business” e-mail list which reaches all homeowners and is restricted to 
need-to-know items - like community/committee meeting announcements or minutes, 
maintenance activities and so on;
2) A “community” e-mail list which reaches only those homeowners who opted for 
it, and also former community members who want to be in the loop; this is for 
sharing articles or events of interest, personal milestones, cat and sunset 
photos, humor and fun stuff;
3) A curated noticeboard area at the entry to the common house, including a 
large event calendar, a board for important community stuff and a separate 
board for miscellaneous stuff.

There are also clipboards on the main exit gate where people may post reminders 
of events happening today or tomorrow, like a work-day or a community meal.

It all seems to work well and I don’t hear people complaining of too much, or 
not enough information.

David Bygott
Milagro Cohousing - Tucson AZ

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