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Greetings all,

Here at Jackson Place Cohousing in Seattle, Washington, we began in 2001 
with only three children at move-in. One was a very new baby.

Some members had adult children who were out on their own.

There was no special effort to recruit families with children.
Over time, several children were born here, and some families with young 
children also moved in. Some, but not all, were the friends of those with 
children already living here. Today, we have twenty children living here, 
ranging in age from almost two to the late teens. And some of the children 
who used to live here have left for college and lives in other places.

Best regards,
Sylvie, Jackson Place Cohousing, Seattle, Washington

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The challenges of raising children are, for me, a primary reason that 
cohousing is appealing, and I believe that Katy and Chuck cite this as a 
central motivation behind cohousing in Denmark in their writing.

I'm thinking about this a good deal as I work to recruit for a new community 
near where I live, so I thought I'd share a meta-point, which is that I 
think a community that wants families has to have "affirmative action" for 
them, by which I mean it should try to over-represent them.

 It's a numbers thing. If there's a critical mass of adults required to 
ensure everyone has a few people in the community they can count as friends, 
this is also true for children, except that children have narrower 
requirements for age compatibility. If a community of 40 adults has 10 
minors between 0 and 18 (which is what a representative sample of the 
general population would have) that could give each of those kids very few 
choices in age-compatible playmates.
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