Re: Electric smooth top stove in common house?
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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2016 13:13:07 -0700 (PDT)
I agree with Susan. I have had a smooth top electric stove and it cooked well 
but as she said, you have to be more careful with it and you have to use smooth 
bottomed pans. Cleaning is not quite as easy as being able to throw the burner 
racks in the dishwasher. Ours came with the house and when we remodeled the 
kitchen, we went with gas which we really prefer and would be my choice always, 
if I have a choice. 

We also went with the convection oven option too so we can choose between 
regular oven and convection which cuts the baking time almost in half. We 
almost always use the convection option. When we get our coho built I would 
hope we would have gas stove and convection oven in the common house. In our 
private kitchen I will opt for a microwave/convection combo choice and 
eliminate a regular oven altogether. Plus I’ll take one dishwasher drawer and a 
two burner stove!  We are seniors and just don’t cook big meals anymore. And we 
will have the common house kitchen for cooking turkeys, hams, dozens of 
cookies, etc.

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> On Oct 11, 2016, at 3:50 PM, Susan Coberly <susandgeorge [at]> 
> wrote:
> In response to question from Iowa City Cohousing,
> I have a smooth top electric stove in my home. I chose smooth top electric
> - although I wanted to get a dual fuel range (gas cooktop, electric oven) -
> due to cost.
> I do a lot of cooking.  So far (about 8 years) the smooth top has not
> cracked - nor has it stained "irretrievably"-  but I would caution against
> using it in a common house kitchen, in favor of gas.
> These are my reasons.
> I am preternaturally obsessed with it getting cracked or stained, and I am
> usually the only cook and cleaner. If there were other cooks I likely would
> drive them crazy with over-protectiveness. Over-protectiveness is not
> something one wants in the common house, with diverse personalities....
> With gas / iron burner covers, one can slide pots back and forth to cook a
> stir fry, cook stove-top popcorn, slide off a burner when the food is done.
> You cannot do that with a smooth top.  Pans have to be lifted up and set
> down carefully every time, including heavy pots of boiling water. Pans and
> pots have to be smooth-bottomed in addition to being the right metal (pots
> and pans in the common house will tend to get a bit beat - up, if
> experience serves).
> Susan Coberly,
> La Querencia, aka Fresno Cohousing, California
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