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My neighbor is selling his sunny, two-bedroom, one-bath townhome here at
FrogSong Cohousing Community in Cotati, CA. It is an 871 square-foot
upstairs flat next door to the Common House. It is part of the City of
Cotati's Affordable Housing/Inclusionary Zoning program, which means that it
has certain restrictions regarding price and the income level of the
buyer-qualified buyers therefore have a smaller pool of people to compete
with. For more information about this home (as well as the income
restrictions), see the website at  <https://frogsong14.wordpress.com/>

We just celebrated our thirteenth anniversary of living together yesterday!
FrogSong has 30 units on 2.3 acres with lush vegetation, right downtown in
very walkable small town Cotati. We're in Sonoma County Wine Country, and we
are kinda the Chico State of cohousing. (Only folks who went to college in
California will understand that reference.) We don't have much turnover, and
this is the first of the small units to ever go on sale. Check it out!

Eris Weaver for Cotati City Council
eris4citycouncil [at] erisweaver.info . 707-338-8589

Click here to make a campaign contribution!

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