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THAT IS EXCELLENT!  I love those songs!  This will be great!  I'm copying our 
T3 committee with the good news.

Coleen R.

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    Bill McGrath will sing three songs for us on Armistice Day! Waltzing 
Matilda, Last night I had the strangest dream, and the ballad of Willie McBride.

    On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 5:39 PM, David Logsdon <davesmagnets [at]> wrote:

        Colleen, we allocated money for bagels, coffee, and donuts. I would 
recommend Steve to help on the Op-Ed since he is the most knowledgeable.

        On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 2:15 PM, rowleyclan [at] 
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            Hi you guys!  I'm not sure I can make it to the meeting tonight but 
if not, I wanted to send the (very) slightly revised flyers and press release 
(both attached) for our joint T3-VFP Armistice Day events.  I also put a couple 
hard copies of both the press release and the flyer on your office door.  We 
are going to try and really get the word out via emails and flyering in the 
next couple of weeks, so maybe you could just ask for people to help.  I'm 
copying WAMM as by the time our meeting ended, we had taken the flyers we had 
made but maybe WAMM could make a few more (20 or so?) and put them near your 
office door.

            I remember that someone in your Chapter was connected to the 
Unitarians, so it would be good if we could get more announcements out, not 
only unitarians but also other church groups.  We just need help in promoting 
and flyering. Does anyone have contacts with other veteran groups, (American 
Legion, VFW, DFL "veterans caucus", etc that he or she can get the announcement 

            We talked about the Nov 11 coffee and thought we could also spring 
for rolls (and/or bagels) or at least go "halvies" on the cost. Could you 
please see if any in your group could be responsible for buying and bringing 
the rolls/bagels.  If no one wants to, let me know and I'll do that.  Also, I 
think there is a large coffee maker there already---maybe Suzanne knows how 
that works---but we'd need to make sure we have the coffee perking.

            On Thursday, Nov 10, we are planning to take the two speakers out 
to late lunch (2:30 pm ish) after the Hamline Convocation at Gary King's son's 
restaurant the "Draft Horse," 14th and Marshall, Minneapolis (two blocks north 
of Broadway). You (and all the VFP) would be very welcome to join us only we 
need to know the guesstimate number ahead of time.

            Finally we are going to try and draft an op-ed for Star Tribune 
which would be focused on how original intent of Armistice Day has been 
hijacked when it was turned into Veterans Day but we would try and slip in 
mention of the events into the op-ed.  We were hoping to get Mike Madden or 
Dave Logsdon to help with the draft (op-eds are only about 600 words, max of 
700 so not that hard to do and we already have a start as Tom D and Sara got 
their op-ed published in the Southside Pride.  With pegging it to Armistice 
Day, war weariness of 15 years so far of "perpetual War and staring into abyss 
of new WWIII--see Ray McGovern's latest:, 
there is a real chance that we could get it published if it's well written.

            Coleen R.

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                These are slightly revised.  Question slightly changed to 
"Could counterterrorism be counterproductive?"


                PRESS RELEASE

                draft basis for article in local paper.

            "Power is always dangerous.  Power attracts the worst and corrupts 
the best."   --Edward Abbey

"Power is always dangerous.  Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best."   
--Edward Abbey

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