Are some ideas wrong? and do you really value diversity
From: Ty Albright (
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2016 07:55:36 -0800 (PST)
I must share my frustration about some of the comments recently made on this
list in reaction to the recent election.


Possibly because I live in "fly over" country and arguably participate in a
different "culture" my opinions are different from many who live in other
parts of the country.


However I can tell you that the tone of many of these discussions are
offensive and demonstrate the lack of inclusion and diversity that many
claim to be seeking and promote as desirable.


The suggestion that because of the election suddenly we now need to deal
with people who are racist, white supremacist, and this or that phobia is
nuts.  The suggested concern being expressed by some about how they hope
that those types of people don't move into my community or how could we get
along with people who have such wrong ideas is hypocritical.


I believe the more important question is do you really value inclusion.  Can
you live with others even if they do not share your personal political
beliefs?  Apparently we live in a country divided on political beliefs; so
should there be a test so only those who agree with your views (and not the
wrong views) are allowed to live in your community?


Wake up and smell the coffee people.  People who disagree with your world
view are everywhere, and walk amongst you (this applies to everyone
regardless of your views).  You don't have to agree politically or be
friends with your neighbor, but if you want community you should be
inclusive and to be a good neighbor.  Stop assuming the sky is falling.


p.s. for those who need to know - I did not vote for Trump, but he is now
our president-elect and I still like my neighbors.


Ty - in Dallas

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