conservatives and diversity
From: Patti Shank (
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2016 06:29:03 -0800 (PST)
Reading the two responses, I believe these judgments are still incorrect.
And I'm super happy that Crystal and Jessie are trying to understand,
because, for the most part, liberals do not try to understand and feel
justified in doing so. Understanding others is HARD and there is a tendency
to stereotype to a make them look foolish or worse, as the TED-talk does
(in a way). So I would please ask that you read
SeanBlanda/the-other-side-is-not-dumb-2670c1294063#.wf81juamt because it
explains this from neither side.

I was liberal most of my life and then a number of things happened to make
me far more open. I'm neither liberal or conservative. If any of you are
interested in a conversation, you have my email address.

Here's one thing I have come to understand that neither source really
explains. The differences between both sides come from their primary
assumptions about what it takes to have a good country and good people. The
list of characteristics is largely the same for both sides but they are
prioritized in a very different order. Both would agree upon many things if
listened to. When speaking, however, they push certain things to the
exclusion of others. In real life, though, that doesn't happen.

Trump voters voted based on their top assumptions alone, and do did Clinton
voters. Neither wants bad things to happen. They are mostly good people.


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