100 Top Marketing Tips
From: Jenny Godwin (jenny.godwincohousing-solutions.com)
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2016 12:36:46 -0800 (PST)
Excellent list Ann, thanks so much for sharing!

A few I’ll add that I’ve seen clients of ours use successfully. Feel free to 
contact me with any questions!

1)       Add your group’s contact info and website to your email signature - 
including your logo is a nice touch too.

2)       Create a Meetup group and post all of your events on it. BONUS: if 
applicable, connect with regional cohousing Meetup networks active in your 
area, i.e. “East Bay Cohousing” or “Washington DC Area Cohousing” Meetup groups.

3)       Hold a cohousing book club with Creating Cohousing or The Senior 
Cohousing Handbook - provide snacks and a friendly discussion space.

4)       Hold an SG1 (Study Group 1) workshop series for building your senior 
cohousing group, books available via McCamant & Durrett Architects.

5)       Write a cohousing blog in conjunction with your website, and share via 
your newsletter and social media. Bonus: read Google’s suggestions on key words 
to use to increase the probability of your blog getting picked up by Google 
Alerts for greater coverage.

6)       Create a “What is Cohousing” video series, or cover particular topics 
of interest and share on a YouTube channel you create for your community.

7)       (A new one I’ve just discovered as an option recently…) When you’re at 
a point where you just need to fill a few last units, list your project on 
Zillow under Promoted Communities – listing cost varies based on zip code, home 
prices and how “hot” your market is.

In community,

CoHousing Solutions | Media & Outreach
U.S Cohousing Association | Outreach Associate

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