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In our case, our Declaration includes a rental limit of 5 units, the owners of 
which must be residents. These units are virtually always occupied by people 
who would not be able to afford to buy a unit.

One of the units is set aside as "transitional" housing to help a financially 
struggling family get on their feet. The rent is low, subsidized by donations 
from others who live here. To qualify, a family must have at least one child 
under the age of 18 and be financially needy. The family may stay a year, or 
until they have the next step in place to move to. The owner is Shepherd's 
Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization developed by some of our owners.

Kay Wilson
Meadow Wood Cohousing

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...Personally, I want to live in a community that accurately reflects my 
surrounding area - culturally, politically, racially, economically, length of 
tenure in the community. Of those, the hardest one when it comes to housing is 
difference in economic conditions. You can find people of all political stripes 
at different income levels, but if the smallest unit costs $300k, you're not 
going to be able to include a household making minimum wage....

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