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From: Emilie Parker (
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2016 10:50:11 -0800 (PST)
Announcing Denver/Boulder/Louisville Artists Cohousing is now one with Bohn
Farm Cohousing Community of Art and Farming.  We joined forces -- a perfect
marriage of art and farming.  That's announcement #1.  See us at
Our forming group has purchased land and is close to having enough
committed buyer/members to break on the first phase of our project at the
end of next year.

#2 I wanted to respond to Jenny's tips on this thread because, we use
*Meetup* a lot.  It's become a major way of outreach to new people in
addition to our newsletter.  I post events regularly (one or two per month)
and send out updates by email and people just keep joining the Meetup.  We
have over 900 meetup members now.  It's been growing about 300 per year.
Meetup reaches a lot of people who have a passing interest and they often
recommend it to friends.  The Meetup company promotes the group too --
targeting people who match key words.  We get new people every few days.
Recently I've expanded to posting our events on a second meetup I belong to
- Urban Homesteading - with 3,400 members.  It's at  I expect more
people to start showing up at our events from that group soon.  We have 2
signups from there for our next event in two weeks.  Don't expect to get a
lot of sign-ups or huge attendance.  It's a good way to get the word out
about your events to a targeted group without spending a lot of money.

The BIGGEST reason I'm joining in the discussion today is that YOU are
invited to our next Meetup -- an orientation by webinar to Bohn Farm.  It's
a WEBINAR on December 16th at 6pm Mountain Standard Time.  Email me if you
want me to send you the link or of course you can sign up on Meetup.  The
Meetup is

Thanks so much,

P.S.  I love [C-L] and I learn so much from you all.

Emilie Parker
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On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 1:36 PM, Jenny Godwin <jenny.godwin@cohousing-> wrote:

> Excellent list Ann, thanks so much for sharing!
> 2)       Create a Meetup group and post all of your events on it. BONUS:
> if applicable, connect with regional cohousing Meetup networks active in
> your area, i.e. “East Bay Cohousing” or “Washington DC Area Cohousing”
> Meetup groups.

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