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My reaction on reading your account at Wasatch Cohousing? If the facilitator said that at our meeting I would reply back, "Sure the decision will be based only on people's feelings. Like my feelings -- I will block any proposal that ignores fact and relies only on feelings!"

David Heimann
Jamaica Plain Cohousing

P.S. -- Our decisions are made according to a six-step process we learned from Laird Schaub and have been using successfully for years now. The early steps include finding out *both* facts and community feelings, even before an actual proposal gets developed. A proposal is not considered plenary worthy until this has been done.

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At Wasatch Cohousing we had a proposal being discussed and the facilitator said " no we are not going to pay any attention to the scientific data. This will be decided only by peoples feelings"

And I have found that people do not necessarily want to made decisions based on 
research or data here,, which has been frustrating to me.  Mary

I saved this message oh so long ago (okay it was November) because I am 
interested in a question?

Does your community use science and facts in your decision making?

That is, would someone present an article like the one Joanie offers in order 
to argue a position about video games in the common house?
Would a discussion of using community wide wifi include scientific studies to 
argue that it is safe?
In a discussion about locking or not locking the common house include data on 
crime or the likelihood of danger to children?

Also, if some *do* use this information, do other people find their minds 
changed by the data/research?

(The Rev.) Elizabeth M. Magill

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