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Hi Will,

I'm a member of the Aria Cohousing Community in Denver (28 condo units).
Our building is still under construction but we expect to move in in late
April so we're currently researching building-wide internet options. We
(our 3-person ad-hoc Technology Team) got in touch with a local company
called ETS that works with both CenturyLink and Comcast (possibly other
companies too) to service multi-unit communities/buildings. ETS provides
the wifi that services my current apartment complex and I've been happy
with their service. The rates are also very reasonable and include the
hardware for the building, troubleshooting service, and the internet
service. I can't give you exact details because we're still waiting for an
official proposal, but I'd be happy to send you our contact's email and
phone number. You can also find more info here:

Hope that's helpful!

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