Re: Site wide internet?
From: Will Carter (
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2017 08:52:16 -0800 (PST)
Hi Maritza,

Thanks for the reply. My wife and I were in the Aria group for about a year
but were able to jump over to Hearthstone when we found an opening there!

The set up at Aria is a bit different than Hearthstone (individual units,
not condos) but I would be interesting to talk to your ETS contact. We
weren't thinking about wifi here, but worth investigating. Please your
contact info will.carter [at]

If you would like to share notes on other technology/communication issues
or tools I have some insight as well. I am happy to hear Aria is opening
soon. Perhaps I will meet you in person next month when Aria has their
workshop in the common house here. I have lost touch with Aria, but it
would be nice to see them again (Deborah, Vikki, etc).


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> Hi Will,
> I'm a member of the Aria Cohousing Community in Denver (28 condo units).
> Our building is still under construction but we expect to move in in late
> April so we're currently researching building-wide internet options. We
> (our 3-person ad-hoc Technology Team) got in touch with a local company
> called ETS that works with both CenturyLink and Comcast (possibly other
> companies too) to service multi-unit communities/buildings. ETS provides
> the wifi that services my current apartment complex and I've been happy
> with their service. The rates are also very reasonable and include the
> hardware for the building, troubleshooting service, and the internet
> service. I can't give you exact details because we're still waiting for an
> official proposal, but I'd be happy to send you our contact's email and
> phone number. You can also find more info here:
> Hope that's helpful!
> Maritza
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