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From: Mary Baker, Solid Communications (
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2017 16:10:31 -0800 (PST)
I have recipes for seasonal root vegetables, all sized for 10 portions, that I 
can contribute. 

The local hunger missions have asked me to provide recipes for seasonal produce 
that our gleaning organization brings in, and and this in turn has become an 
effort to produce a seasonal cookbook for hunger kitchens and safe shelters 
that will help them incorporate donations of fresh produce. If anyone cares to 
submit a recipe (any size portion, I can rewrite it to 10) for the cookbook, 
you will get credit personally and for your cohousing. I am also asking 
celebrity chefs and culinary authors to donate recipes, so you’ll be in good 
company. Everyone who contributes a recipe to the GleanMe Cookbook will get a 
free .pdf copy. Recipes should feature fresh seasonal produce and inexpensive 

I think in this way, we can maybe help each other’s projects. I am moving into 
late-winter and early-spring recipes right now, so recipes for leeks, chard, 
spinach, winter squash would be appreciated. 

What got this whole cookbook thing started was when we were given 800 lbs of 
beets by a local organic farm, and when I delivered a 50 lb box of beets and 15 
lbs of kale to a local hunger kitchen, the kitchen manager looked at me in a 
panic and said, “What do you do with beets? And kale?” Most of the volunteers 
in these kitchens, and apparently paid staff as well, have little culinary 
experience.  So I was asked to provide recipes for donations that were coming 
in from farms—kale, pumpkins, squash, parsnips, etc—and now it’s become a 
cookbook project that will be distributed nationwide to hunger kitchens so they 
can take advantage of fresh, nutritious food. I would love to have some 
cohousings represented in the cookbook.

In exchange for providing recipes for a Cohousing Cookbook, I ask only for 
attribution to the GleanMe Cookbook for each recipe included, with a link to 
the website page, so as to raise awareness of hunger in America.

Mary B.

On Sat, Jan 28, 2017 at 2:03 PM, Heather Carver <tierrabodhi [at]>

> Most of the recipes on have serving sizes of 4-6, so anyone
> wanting to use them for a community meal would need to do some arithmetic.
> A former resident here once showed me a cookbook from a retreat place she
> used to visit--it had the type of grid mentioned, each column showing the
> quantity of each ingredient to use for that number of diners. I use a
> recipe program (MacGourmet) in which I can scale the ingredients of any
> recipe to a specified number of servings. Some recipe websites have this
> feature as well. However, that only changes the amount of the ingredients;
> it does not offer any help with adjusting pan sizes or cooking times. (When
> I first started cooking community meals, the biggest surprise was how much
> longer it takes to cook large quantities!)
> I'm certain Sean could come up with good, user-friendly ways to do all
> this, if enough people are interested. I'd be happy to contribute recipes.
> Heather Carver
> Columbia Ecovillage
> > My ideas for the " program" for  a Cohousing Cookbook would include:
> >
> > It would need to include grids for each recipe to adjust the number of
> > servings.  Pan sizes for baking - how to go from 8x8 to 1/2 sheet pan
> > sizes- that may limit the " adjustability"
> > It should indicate time needed to prepare, and Cook or Bake, and tips on
> > serving, how well it freezes.
> >   sub heading - would more than one cook speed up the prep time?
> > It would need to include Vegetarian, and Vegan and Gluten free recipes.
> > Also meat based recipes, Recipes that can be split-
> > ( for example: prepare and saute veggies and add meat to only half of it)
> > It should not include recipes calling for a lot of prepackaged
> > ingredients, altho sometimes pre-packaged makes a dish practical.
> > What dishes can Children help prepare?
> > Might indicate relative cost of the ingredients.
> > Nutrition information, usually available on the on-line recipe sources.
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