Event for cohousing wannabes in the Seattle area
From: Jonathan Kallay (yonikallay.net)
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2017 16:02:32 -0800 (PST)
A couple of umbrella "cohousing wannabe" groups in the Seattle area have 
organized a meet-up titled "Making Forward Progress, Together" on February 12th 
to help match interested parties. Communities with vacancies and forming 
communities in the area are welcome to send representation. We'd also 
appreciate it if you could forward the event on to your outreach mailing lists.




Making Forward Progress, 
Do you dream of living a more sociable and collaborative life in a cohousing, 
baugruppe, or pocket neighborhood community? Do the limited existing options in 
the area leave you wondering if how to form new ones? Join us for "Making 
Forward Progress, Together", an event by and for people longing for a community 
of their own. Come listen to guest speakers from existing communities talk 
about the community-forming process, hear from representatives of communities 
in formation, and participate in group exercises for identifying compatible 
partners for new ventures. There will be plenty of time to connect with others 
over coffee, beer, or wine. Please note that our hosts at Brew require a $7 
order minimum per guest and that we need an accurate head count. Do you 
represent a community in formation or a built community with vacancies and want 
to be included in our program? Have general questions about cohousing and its 
relatives? Please contact the organizers.

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