Cohousing around Florida : I need help to visit some cohousing in Florida
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Good morning,

I'm from Brazil.

I'm in Miami and would like to visit some cohousing around Florida.

We are organizing a group to build a cohousing in Uberlandia, Minas
Gerais. Brazil.

We are preparing a seminar in july and I want to know and invite
people to talk with us in the seminar about experiences in cohousing

Could you help me staying in contact with some cohousing?

I would like to buy books about cohousing.

I want to contact architects and contractor.

I would like to visit some cohousing.

I would like to make one interview with some of  from

I want informations, magazines, photos, architectural plans and books
that I can expose during the seminar about americans cohousing.

My cellphone in Miami is  305-767-0299
Please contact me as sonn as possible.

Thank you very much

Tulio Cunha and Renata Meira

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