Friends of San Diego CoHousing Potluck invite!!
From: Stefania Aulicino (
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2017 10:35:22 -0800 (PST)
Cohousing potluck

Dearest CoHousers,
Potluck invite!!

Our San Diego Urban CoHousing meetings are now frequently scheduled and the 
attendees are interested, focused and productive!

So, we need a way to also just socialize, and get to know one another outside 
those working sessions.

Jim and Stefania plan to be at home this saturday feb 11

Around 1 pm and invite any of you who are interested to join us for a potluck 
lunch- its ok to bring a friend interested in coHousing. 

This is a totally social opportunity to get to know each other better. 

We have an outdoor grill. 

Bring a sweater if its cool!!

If it rains we will convene inside. 


Please bring something to share. 

Don't forget

To bring your own plate, fork, glass, 


any necessary serving utensils for your dish 


Ideas: beverage, salad, side , main dish, desert

 Our potluck location is convenient to public transportation. Bus 35 (b/w Old 
Town Transit Center and OB) stops at rue D'Orleans which is at the intersection 
of Rue D'Orleans and Point Loma Boulevard (Shell gas station). Alternatively if 
you are carpooling there is parking on Point Loma Boulevard. 
Walk over to 3050 rue D'Orleans (complex name 'Pacific Isle', with waterfall 
and palm trees at entry)
There is a security gate, so give us a call so we can let you in: 312/493-3086

A subsequent email will follow with details on our agreed-upon topic for our 
Feb 19th meeting : how to build a core group w/demographics of 30 through 

Stefania and Jim


who we are:

Building an urban Co-housing Community in the Point Loma area, San Diego:

Not just a place to live – but a way of life, which nurtures happiness
·      Stimulating environment for your continued personal growth
·      Urban location, convenient to public transportation and nature
·      Adults: Age 30 through seniors–adults only
·      Savoring gourmet cuisine that we cook together
·      Self-managed community of 25 private residences
·      Rent and ownership options
We are committed to developing and living in this community!!
Stefania Aulicino
Investment banker, Founder/President, Retired
Stefania [at]
TEXT/cell +1 312/493-7610

Jim Condon
Professional Engineer, Retired
JamesCondon [at]
TEXT/Cell +1 312/493-3086

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Stefania Aulicino 

Call, Text, or WhatsApp 
+1 312 951-6777
Stefania [at]
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