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Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2017 08:12:08 -0800 (PST)
Brian, I wonder where you get your figures: you can build a house for 50k
with only those regulations related to fire, sewer, and wind hazards; 125K
with we're not sure what regulations; and $215 if you are to have
sidewalks, and streetlights.

It sounds a lot like the kind of anti-governemnt talk that put Trump into
office along with his plan of removing two permits or rules for every one
added (I guess until there are none left).  Try to remember that each of
those permits came into our building codes in an attempt to stem past
abuses that shortened lives and turned our environments into smokey,
filthy, hell holes.  Yes I would like to see more affordable housing; no, I
do not want to see more tenement fires, polluted rivers, poisoned aquifers,

Sure the rules we live by need periodic review to make sure they don't
contradict each other and do remain current, but we do need rules.

Diane Margolis

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> To keep costs low, the project I was involved in wanted swales, no
> curbs, no sidewalks, few streetlights.  The city required curbs,
> sidewalks, fancy streetlight poles.  The difference pushed estimated
> per-unit price from $125K/unit to $215K/unit, which was unaffordable.
> Other expensive permit requirements included: all building footprints
> had to be approved up front, which then required them all to be built
> inside two years and paid for up front with a big mortgage, preventing
> planning for possible future reduced circumstances.  Residents could
> not live on site in a trailer or RV while building.
> Repeal all the site permit requirements unrelated to fire, sewer, wind
> hazards and houses might be buildable for $50K.
> Brian
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