Re: RIP: Rob Woods Sandelin
From: Diane (
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2017 07:31:00 -0800 (PST)
Rob was the wisest cohouser of all.  He always made extraordinarily good
sense.   Once, while I was touring cohousing communities on the West Coast,
I visited him and Sharingwood, his home, his community and the woods he
loved.  There was no way to make our urban, built all at once, Cambridge
Cohousing more like his rural, lot built Sharingwood (so aptly named), but
whenever we get stuck, I try to imagine what Rob would say.
    It may be too late to make any changes in the program, but it would be
wonderful if we could add a session at the meeting this May.  Maybe call it
"Remembering Rob" and fill it with remembrances and readings for his works.

Diane Margolis
Cambridge (MA) Cohousing

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> It is with a heavy heart to let you know that one of our founding members,
> Rob Sandelin <>  (1956-2017), has
> passed. He passed away from a long battle with cancer last Tuesday
> surrounded by his family, looking out into the woods that he so loved.
> He was active in many spheres of life.  In addition to being a promoter of
> cohousing he was an accomplished musician, teacher, author and naturalist.
> He has been an integral part of the Sharingwood
> <>  community for nearly 30 years.
> During the 90's he promoted, taught, and lectured on the benefits of
> co-housing writing many articles, including 'Getting Started: The First
> Eight Steps <> ', 'Ten Great Reasons
> to
> Live in Cohousing
> <
> 20in%20Cohousing
> > ', 'Why use consensus <>
> ', 'Why would anyone join a cohousing group
> <
> %20Cohousing.pdf
> > ', and stories closer to home 'Sharingwood Stories
> <> '.
> Besides promoting cohousing, Rob
> <>  was an author and
> naturalist,
> starting his adult life as a naturalist in such grand national parks as
> Yosemite, Denali and Olympic National Park. In addition to writing books
> such as, 'Field Guide to the Cascades and Olympics
> <
> cascades-and-oly
> mpics-2nd-ed
> <>>
> ', he wrote a monthly/semi-monthly newsletter called 'This
> week in the Woods', which helped explain the natural surroundings we lived
> in. This email newsletter continued for at least the past 14 years, the
> oldest one I found was 2002.
> For those in the Seattle area there is a memorial for Rob at the Maltby
> Community Club,, on Sunday, 2/26/17, from 1-4 pm.
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