Re: senior vs. inclusive cohousing
From: michael barrett (
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2017 16:56:15 -0800 (PST)
Yes Nancy, I agree.
I'm definitely more of a seniorthan youand am very fortunate to be living in what I will choose to call inclusive coho. (IMO Multigen may be explicit but it is also ugly). Following the pattern of other seniors in this community I have several times visited a local highly regarded senior community which also includes "assisted" facilities, and I receive notices of the upcoming availability of (unassisted) homes. But when I compare the atmosphere there with the energy of the youngsters here, I think it will be a cold day (xx Hxxx) before I move there. Even though the noise of the kids (and adults) at community meals here combined with the lack of perfection of my hearing aids, makes conversation dismayingly difficult, the joy and energy of the kids makes itall very worthwhile. I sit at my computer at my front window and delight in being distracted by the coming and going, running, skipping, scootering, rollerblading(and sometimes even walking) - on the pedway outside.

I am also aware how fortunate we are that as a community we have been able toattract a series of young families as houses have become available. Our youngest member is just 25 days old.

Michael at Shadowlake Village, in the delightful University town of Blacksburg, VA - where we had temperatures in the 70s for couple of days this week (before it dropped down to 24° last night) - and 2 houses are vacant and for sale.

On 2/26/2017 2:18 PM, Nancy Csuti wrote:
I've been on several wait lists for coho that I am interested in, and just this 
year turned 60.  Not all seniors object to children or want to live apart from 
families.  The whole reason I have been interested in coho is the 
multigenerational aspect.  I've lived all over the world in various multi gen 
situations and loved it. I've been looking for it in the USA, and love the ones 
I have visited in the areas of the county that I am interested in. So, before 
there are wings for seniors and wings for families, please consider some people 
actually like living in children-generated chaos.

Nancy in CO.

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