"specialized" cohousing [was Cohousing for Senior Artists]
From: Eris Weaver (eriserisweaver.info)
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 06:03:06 -0700 (PDT)
Sharon wrote:

Artists are a small fraction of the general population. The percentage of any population who will be interested in cohousing is a fraction. So we are now down to fractions of fractions.

This is true ANYtime you try to create cohousing for a specialized, targeted subset of folks: Buddhist cohousing, artist cohousing, lesbian cohousing, left-handed cohousing, whatever! Fractions of fractions of fractions.

Yes, there are intentional communities out there with a particular religious, artistic, whatever focus; but most of them don't seem to use the cohousing model and they seem to be smaller in size. Most cohousing is legally structured as condos; even if you could get enough left-handed lesbian Buddhist artists together to start a project, that focus is going to get diffused over time: fair housing laws plus the realities of the marketplace mean that you can't discriminate against those who AREN'T left-handed lesbian Buddhist artists. (Plus artists may stop arting, Buddhists convert to Islam, lesbians fall in love with a man...not sure those left-handers can change, though.) (tongue firmly in cheek)

I have to say I'm not sure I understand the WHY of wanting to create a community with some sort of focus, part of the joy of living in cohousing is learning new stuff from each other!

As for art in cohousing, my community is the only one I know of that has a line item in our annual budget for art. (FrogSong is full of creative, artistic folks who enjoy making & performing cool stuff; none of us make our living at it.) That mostly goes for supplies for do-it-yourself artification projects.

Eris Weaver
(right-handed, lesbian atheist artist)
FrogSong Cohousing, Cotati, CA

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