Re: Hail and Farewell
From: Alice Alexander (
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2017 07:33:48 -0700 (PDT)
Thank you Ann!

I echo Ann's comments. We indeed have a promising new Coho/US Executive
Director with Karin Hoskin. IMHO, she has the ideal skill set to move the
organization forward! Karin is also quite charming and full of enthusiasm.

As for me, I'll be on an informal sabbatical until at least early fall. In
the meantime, I'm looking forward to investing more into my own cohousing
community, which nurtures me everyday!

Yes, onward!
Alice Alexander, Durham Cohousing

On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 9:27 AM, Ann Zabaldo <zabaldo [at]> wrote:

> Hello all —
> Today we hail the new Executive Director for CohoUs:  Karin Hoskin.
> She has been on a “meet and greet” travel tear introducing herself,
> talking about the goals and vision of CohoUS while eliciting feedback from
> the folks she met in so many different coho communities.  A blistering
> travel schedule in the mid-Atlantic area …
> Haven’t met her yet?  Ooooh.  You’re in for a lovely surprise.  She was
> here at Takoma Village.  We had a very nice too-short chat.  She is open to
> hearing all things cohousing so she is very approachable.  In an earlier
> Cohousing-L post she left this email:
> karincohous [at]
> If she gains another “official” email as ED for CohoUS I’m sure she will
> let us know.  Thank you, Karin, for stepping up to lead this national
> organization w/ a BIG mission.  You are BRAVE!  Karin hails from Wild Sage
> Cohousing in Boulder, CO.
> And … we bid farewell to Alice Alexander.
> Well.  What else to say?
> I’ve been eating chocolate for five days as this juncture approached.  And
> now it’s here.  I have just three chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s left …
> I hope I can make it to lunch … :-)
> Thank you for your service, Alice.  Godspeed in this next phase of The
> Alice Show which I hope you will share with us as fitting.
> And for the rest of us:
> Onward!
> Best --
> Ann Zabaldo
> Takoma Village Cohousing
> Washington, DC
> Principal, Cohousing Collaborative, LLC
> Falls Church, VA
> 202.546.4654
> As long as you have two or fewer … your ducks are always in a row.  The
> Covert Comic
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Alice Alexander
Executive Director
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