Re: Marketing question for the men on the list - random thoughts
From: Alan O'Hashi (
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 08:35:16 -0700 (PDT)
Starting out, I suggest that the men in your group think about the type of guys 
they like to hang around with - where do they go during their spare time, what 
do they do in their spare time, etc. If they are unattached, that will be a 
different ilk than those who are partnered up.
Speaking for myself, I'm a transfer student into my community and over time 
figured out that there are two other men who have more than a casual interest 
in sports. Like from all walks of life, there's a past socialization process 
that are connected to sports with regards to teamwork, leadership, that people 
who haven't been exposed to sports don't have. It likely shows up in different 
ways - like for people who play in orchestras, for example, it's similar (since 
I used to play in an orchestra).

I also was a 'tag-along'. My partner was into the cohousing thing. I didn't 
know much about it, but because of my past experiences as a non-profit manager, 
diversity and violence prevention trainer, I was able to fit in pretty well to 
the business side of the community. There are men around here who, I observe, 
still haven't quite figured it out.

We're a senior community and most everyone is 10 to 20 years older than me and 
fully retired. I still work and as such, I don't have much in common with just 
about everyone here, other than on a neighborly - business basis, which is okay.

It also depends on the type of men you want to attract. Even if you emphasize 
the 'manly' tasks that happen around the community, there also are the 
'touchy-feely' aspects that go along with them. 

Finding men who have a balance is a challenge since American culture doesn't 
exactly support men talking much about their feelings and vulnerabilities.

My observation is, the left brained men with power and control tendencies are 
attracted to the money, systems, buildings activities. 

The challenges with men are to either turn them into guys who understand 
consensus and community living - that's a long term project - or attract guys 
who are more in tune with the cohousing stuff regardless of their skills. 
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