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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 07:24:48 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Linda,
You need to reach 3 types of men:  married, single and gay.  Each "market 
niche" requires a unique bunch of messages.

In common to most men:  

We hate long discussions to resolve disputes or values.  So it helps to 
emphasize that your place has modes of making decisions that are quick, at 
least most of the time. In most cohousing places we need some alternatives to 
"sociocracy" that can be used for most of the issues that strike men as petty 
or too long-winded.  

Also, it helps to emphasize that you will have the kinds of things to do that 
different types of men like to do:  e.g. wood-working shop, beer-brewing place, 
fishing hole or trips to "A River Runs Through It," or book/film discussion 
circles or cooking clubs. Right, not all men are into the typical macho things. 
 So emphasize the variety of things to do.  Or not do (see next item).
Include places for doing nothing, to get away from the bustle, just sit and 
relax or meditate.  Like a pent house type room on top that can be booked for 
solitude or listening to one's favorite music, or recalling fondly a lost loved 
one.  That could also be a private spot in the garden, like a small Zen garden 
(or a composting outhouse with one-way window views into the garden :--)*


Some of us like to be around children, sometimes. To play and be a kid again or 
to mentor. Maybe mention trips to kindergartens or day care centers. Maybe in 
your place in a leased space that also gives you some revenue.  

Some of us like to find an outlet for our skills and expertise to help the 
cohousing place succeed (that is true for all types of men, and for women).  
Maybe a chance to volunteer to do accounting for the place, or website design, 
or construction of the common room, or home repairs.  

But especially you need to appeal to the wives of these men, because in the 
end, the wives will make the key decision.  You also need to address the deep 
down worries of the wives (and you probably know what I mean).

Single:  This is easy, do not listen to Dick (do "foster a singles bar 
atmosphere" :--)  I am kidding, somewhat.  Seriously, some single men do want a 
place where in a casual, serious way, in the course of normal events,  they can 
meet that special someone, and escape from that nagging sense of loneliness. 
(There is some irony in those words.)  By the same token, they don't want to 
feel like a mouse tossed into a den of kittens.  

Gay men:  This a niche that will take different type of messages and appeals. 
Or maybe some of the same ones as above. I don't know how to market to them, 
without reverting to stereotypes.  Ask some people you know.  

Gary  (striving to achieve urban cohousing in Rhode Island)
* If you want a delightful photo of an octagonal outhouse with windows, post 
your email address and I will send.

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   Marketing question for the men on the list

...What we need now is to attract more members who will commit to our 55+ 
community so we can start building. ... how do we attract 
more men. ...What do you think is the most effective way 
to reach the guys? 

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