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 What we need now is to attract more members who will commit to our 55+

    > community so we can start building. One issue that our few male members
    > have asked repeatedly (and the women want this too) is how do we attract
    > more men. One of the guys thinks the problem is that we aren't doing the
    > advertising properly, citing articles about the differences in marketing 
    > men and women, like this,
    > /industries/retail-and-e-commerce-12641

One of the things I like about cohousing is that someone that is a
good cook is going to cook the common meals.  I like to eat a good
meal that is not what I cook.  A guy can do other things at the
community like the electricity, plumbing, caring for the cars, raking
leaves etc.  Most of us single guys would like a good meal that is
not a can of Chili Mac in a soup pan. 

Lee Roger Stork 

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