Dining Room Tables
From: Sharon Villines (sharonsharonvillines.com)
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2017 13:56:00 -0700 (PDT)
We’ve opened the discussion of dining room tables again. The ones we have weigh 
over 100 lbs and have a leg at the end that make it awkward to sit at the end.

We had this discussion years ago including making plans for the perfect 
cohousing table. Personally, I think the best tables so far are the regular 
banquet tables motels use. Easily available and have been used forever. Seat a 
variable number of people and you can still talk across them, usually.

And they roll.

We need sturdy tables that are light enough to fold and put away easily. We’ve 
looked at these from Armstrong Aluminum but are fearful of the metallic feel. 
They are light (25 lbs), very nicely designed, and you can choose models with 
seats at the ends.

From an earlier message to Cohousing-L


Has anyone used Southern Aluminum folding tables in their commonhouse? We saw 
these at a community center and they were quite handsome. Not wood, but light 
and sturdy. We have wonderful tables but it takes two people to fold them up 
and moving 10 is a real chore.


Table Specifications for the Alulite, medium cost and options.


The iDesign has endless color variations for the tops and more colors for the 
legs. They would look more upscale. The Alulite still looks like a banquet 
table. The iDesign also has more edge designs which are nice. For the iDesign 
colors click on the color samples to change the color on the table image.


Table tops on the iDesign are from WilsonArt. Roll over each color to see a 
larger square:


Options on the tables include a sound damp:


For a sample card table here is a comparison -- the cost is the price
for ONE table  -- they do offer quantity discounts:

The Mardi Gras line is the least expensive but has a table top only 1" thick 
which looks cheaper.

Weight  21lbs
Warranty  5-10 years
Color tops:  3
Edging: flat only
Legs: Mineral Bronze
Cost:  $220.00


Weight:  29 lbs
Warranty: 15 years
Color tops: 6
Edging: flat only
Leg color: Mineral Bronze
Cost: $245.00


Weight 33lbs
Warranty:  lifetime
Colors: GOBS!!    The colors are on the Wilsonart.com website.  Colors
displayed are just a few suggested colors.
Edging: flat or rounded
Cost: $344.00
Leg color: 12 colors

Shipping for 1 table from Arkansas to DC is about $100.00.

Sharon Villines
Takoma Village Cohousing, Washington DC

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