cohousing financial records and accounting
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Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2017 11:46:41 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Cohousing Folks,

Out of my current interests and background in economics, I am seeking examples of how cohousing entities are arranging their general financial record keeping and reporting.

Formally, this includes income-expense, cash flow and balance statements.

It also includes accounting software and spreadsheets. I have not found what I am seeking in the cohousing-l references or messages, other than the Lieberman and Benedict article and some references to Quickbooks, but without the chart of accounts.

I am primarily interested in the _charts of accounts (or the lists of categories)_ being used.
I do not want to reinvent any wheels that I do not have to.

My immediate goal is to create spreadsheets with the categories (rows) most useful for cohousing entities. If I can do this through copying (with due credit), fine. If more creative energy is needed, well fine.

Actual data are quite secondary but if they are included, because that is easy for you do to, that is fine. It is still the categories that I seek.

Spreadsheet or .doc or .pdf files are fine if they are easy for you.

With thanks for whatever you can supply.

Michael Rulison
919 205 9168
3256 LEWIS FARM RD, RALEIGH NC 2707-6723

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