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Thank you, Ann!
ruth  Hirsch  
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Hello all ? ?

I meant to send an email yesterday on the anniversary of Joanie Blank's 

She was a major contributor to the Cohousing movement as well as a personal 
friend.  She served on the first board of directors for CohoUS then called The 
Cohousing Network.  She worked on every conference getting them organized and 
then was a volunteer during the conference as well. Joani also financially 
supported several start up communities.  She was as committed to Cohousing as 
you could possibly get.

Missing you still, Joani. 

Ann Zabaldo
Takoma Village Cohousing
Washington DC

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PS:  I have an intermittent e-mail glitch.  If you write and do not hear back 
from me shortly, please call me or please re-send.  Thank you,  Ruth

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