#NowWeOwn - plz share stories that transform the understanding of ownership
From: Sky Blue (peacewithinchaosgmail.com)
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2017 13:01:36 -0700 (PDT)
Hey everyone,

The FIC <http://ic.org> is a member of the New Economy Coalition
<http://neweconomy.net> (NEC). NEC is experimenting with a metanarrative
campaign, focused on *shifting the understanding of ownership*. Starting
tomorrow, Aug 15, through Labor Day weekend, NEC is asking groups to post
on social media with the hashtag #NowWeOwn.

*The ask: Using Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook, between Aug 15 and
Sept 5, share posts that transform and rewrite the rules about what
ownership means and add the hashtag #NowWeOwn.*

The idea is both to engage NEC members in a collaborative effort, as well
as to have a social impact through a collective media campaign. It's
important that we participate in this effort to leverage our collective,
inter-organizational power.

*The summary of the narrative:* It’s time to transform and rewrite the
rules about what ownership means. Instead of it being about individual
success and dominating the Monopoly board, what if it was about communities
controlling what they need to survive and thrive. What if it wasn’t about
me or you owning … but about us? Show us how you and your community is
demonstrating what community-ownership looks like in the 21st century and
how we’re owning our futures.

*Please add your stories!* Obviously intentional communities play right
into this and I want all of you to add a story to this mix. For more
details on this campaign, check out the toolkit

Let me know if you have any questions!


*Executive Director - Fellowship for Intentional Community <http://ic.org>
*Manager - Twin Oaks Communities Conference

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