Cohousing-L Digest, Vol 163, Issue 22 -Diversity Essays
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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2017 05:42:10 -0700 (PDT)
Writing re diversity, Sharon V says, among other useful remarks,

"Financial barriers, I think, a lot of new communities have dealt with as well as could be expected. *_For a community like ours ? 17 years in and owners wanting/needing full price out of their homes in order to enter a retirement community or buy a house in another city, there aren't many options."_*

{emphasis added}

{This is a major concern, at least for me. I would want a move to cohousing to be my last move. But as written here, it is a move that lasts only until one becomes enfeebled. IOW, cohousing is not a panacea, it is just one of many residential options. It has a benefit/cost ratio greater than one to only a portion of the market, like all the others. It does not solve the problem of decrepitude in old age. Nor, perhaps, should it be expected to do this.}

Michael Rulison (older than 80 and apparently in good health this morning)
RALEIGH NC 2707-6723

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