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From: Emilie Parker (
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2017 08:56:00 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Maria,

We had an application form to Louisville Artists Cohousing in Colorado that
we developed.  It included just name address, email and it had our draft
values and a description of what we intended to become.  People signed it
at the bottom as a way that they were agreeing with the values.  When they
paid $50 non refundable fee with that form they became a member.  I added
them to our google group.  I was told by experienced cohousing consultants
that $50 is not enough investment to get really committed members and I
found that was true.  But the bigger issue was always for us -- trying to
find property.

But we also had our bigger list of everyone who attended our orientations
who signed up on the sign-in sheet with their emails.  We also have our
meet up group, too, of interested parties that just keeps growing to over
800 now. We had monthly orientations with a slide show.  Orientations
included some getting to know you activity in a circle with refreshments
and a sharing discussion time.  We had different timely topics at each one
based on how our property search and other endeavors were going.  It was
nice with members and new people together, the members shared about the
group we were forming.  We had member only potlucks every few months and
members kept in touch with each other daily or weekly with our google group
for members.

After 3 years with no property, we eventually merged with Bohn Farm
cohousing Community in Longmont partly because we could not find property.
We bought property together.  We have a great developer/project manager
(Peter Spaulding) who is leading our group and is a member, planning to
live in community.  We are 22 family units moving steadily and surely to
ground breaking later this year or early next year.

At Louisville Artist Cohousing we called it an application but we didn't
turn away anyone who paid their $50 and signed our draft values.  We had 5
or 6 bullets in our shared values.

Now that we are Bohn Farm we don't have a formal application form.  People
who want to join discuss with Peter and then join when they pay their
membership fee.  As Bohn Farm we also have monthly orientations with a
slide show and a tour of the property.  There is no formal paper form to
join.   People who want to join meet with Peter.  They make the agreement
and he enters their info into our cohousing records.  Money transactions
have formal legal documents but not the initial membership fee.  Initial
membership enables people to attend all events as a member but not to vote
on anything.

Emilie Parker

Emilie Parker
emilie.v.parker [at]
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On Sun, Sep 3, 2017 at 8:42 AM, Cohousing <cohousing [at]> wrote:

> Hi Maria,
> Wondering who this new group in Durham is. Are you intending to be
> multi-generational or active adult? Urban or suburban? Are you following
> any guidelines on attracting folks and any set of steps as you progress?
> Although our cohousing group in Raleigh disbanded last month due to
> inability to find land in Wake County, we spent 20 months building
> community and searching for suitable affordable land. We held potlucks in
> our homes about every 3 weeks and had people who attended sign a roster
> asking for their name, email and phone number. No one refused (but they
> could have) and that is how we built our email distribution list to
> announce events and pass on interesting information. People also contacted
> us from our website adn Facebook page to be added to the interested email
> list. We still have our website and Facebook page up.
> We did have a “participation” structure which we created after getting an
> LLC and doing the Getting It Built Workshop with Katie McCamant and Chuck
> Durrett. It was intended to transition into a formal membership structure
> once we found land and committed to purchase it and had to start asking for
> serious money. But that did not happen, unfortunately. Some of our people
> have now joined with Village Hearth, another forming group in Durham. They
> are a 55+ coho community.
> If you would like to meet or have a phone conversation, I am happy for you
> to pick my brain! I feel like I have earned a degree of some kind from all
> the work and sweat equity from January 2016 to August 2017 and am happy to
> share anything I can.
> Kayelily
> (919) 345-4608
> > On Sep 2, 2017, at 10:35 AM, Maria Martin <mariamartin1 [at]>
> wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am part of a newly forming group in Durham, NC.  I searched the
> archives
> > for examples of membership application forms but did not find anything.
> > Would anyone be willing to share their membership application form?
> Thanks
> > in advance for any help you can provide.
> >
> > Maria
> >
> >
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