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From: Bryan Syverson (
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2017 12:03:17 -0700 (PDT)
At La Querencia Fresno Cohousing, we have been celebrating "Pi Day" every
year on March 14 (3.14, get it?!) with a similar potluck.  Just to let you
know, there is another, "National Pie Day" on January 23, so you have
another opportunity for a Pie Party then.  Being an avid pie baker and
enthusiastic pie lover, though, I think that a pie potluck is always in

-Bryan Syverson

Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2017 10:37:19 -0700
> From: Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah <welcome [at]>
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> Subject: [C-L]_ Pie Party
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> We had a fun event yesterday. In place of a regular potluck, we had a Pie
> Party. On a sign up list, people listed either a savory or sweet pie they'd
> bring. We ended up with a big serving table full of beautiful savory pies--
> creations of tomatoes, leeks, Mexican, cheeses, salmon, quiche, and so
> many others.
> Several folks took charge of making salads, and getting lemonade and
> juices.
> Dessert time brought more variety: regular and gluten-free crusts, fruits,
> ice cream pie, "whoopie" pies...
> It was all delicious and a good break from the Usual. We followed up with
> a brief talent/no talent show, ranging from serious music and poetry to our
> 5 year old putting the neighbor's dog through its trick routine, and a
> couple of young boys enthusiastically demonstrating jiujitsu wrestling. We
> hadn't done a talent show in some time and enjoyed that too.
> Any other ideas for theme meals or other simple additions to the variety
> of community social life?
> Maraiah Lynn Nadeau
> RoseWind Cohousing
> Port Townsend WA

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