Cohousing stories needed
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Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2017 12:31:46 -0800 (PST)
Linda -
I would also suggest looking at David Wann's book "reinventing community : 
Stories from the walkways of cohousing" - this is a collection of stories 
collected from cohousers.

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> Hi,
> We are looking for stories about cohousing to use in our newsletter. 
> Since we aren't built yet and are recruiting members, it would really 
> help to have little snippets and stories that will give a feeling for 
> what it's like to live in cohousing. I looked in the collection of 
> stories in the archives but most of them are about kids and parenting. 
> We are a senior community, so that's not what we need. Names of people 
> and communities are optional.
> Awhile ago someone wrote about getting soup when she was sick, even 
> from a member she didn't get along with all that well. I loved the 
> story but I can't find it now. It doesn't such a good job of answering 
> a frequent question about what if you don't like everyone.
> You can send to the list and/or me and it's fine with us if other 
> newsletters want to use the same stories. The stories don't have to be new.
> Maybe there is something from one of your previous newsletter we could use.
> Thanks in advance.
> Linda Hobbet
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> coho [at]
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> 706-202-7178 (mobile)

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