Being Thankful for Community
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Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2017 09:46:00 -0800 (PST)
Karin Hoskin, Wild Sage Cohousing, Boulder, CO wrote in  Coho Now #108
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>Thankfulness isn't just for Thanksgiving - there are so many reasons
>to be thankful for community, every day!
> Day 1 Today I am thankful for my neighbor ...
> Day 7 Today I am thankful for my neighbor who picked up my son at school
> and brought him to soccer
> Day 30 ...

The format of this post does not highlight one obvious point that I
think is worth making explicit. (Tho one could interpret the "I" on
different days as different people.)  Neighbors in vibrant communites
do things for each other.  It is a reciprocal process.  All those
30 points add up to "thankful for community".

Karin who lives in Colorado suprizingly did not mention neighbors
helping each other with snow ... one of our neighbors (presumably)
was out before me and shoveled some of our snow the other day.

I'm also thankful that Karin did not imply that community only happens
in cohousing.  Cohousing is part of a bigger movement - community
building.  I dont live in cohousing but could identify with many of
the day's items.  We work to build community on our Minneapolis block
with considerable success tho the frequency of interaction is
considerably less than in cohousing.

Too noteworthy interactions on our block come to mind.  Once on a very
hot night a neighbor invited us over to sleep in their air conditioned
guest room.  Also after 911 I arranged for a neighbor to hold a prayer
event at the local police precinct community room. I'm an agnostic /
atheist UU and many in my neighborhood are skeptical about the police.
But for neighbors you do things you might not otherwise do.  Many of our
neighbors helped with childcare occasionally for my now 28 year old son.


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