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Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2017 11:29:36 -0800 (PST)
2017 Communities issues

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Dear Friend of /Communities/,

It’s that time of year when we reach out to our readers and supporters to ask for your financial assistance in keeping this now-45-year-old publishing venture afloat and sailing. I’m happy to report that I do so now with considerably less sense of alarm about /Communities/’ future than I felt a year ago.

In response to last year’s plea, substantial numbers of people offered much-needed support to help boost the magazine’s and FIC’s finances—enough that any doubts among the board or staff that /Communities/remains a viable and vital project were put to rest for now. We proceeded to produce four issues in 2017 that have received near-universal appreciation among readers we’ve heard from: “_Communities and Climate Change <>_,” “_Economics in Cooperative Culture <>_,” “_Learning from the Past <>_,” and “_Urban Communities <>_.”

Staff cohesion benefited greatly from regular FIC staff conference calls throughout the year, culminating in a three-day staff summit held at the end of October at Twin Oaks in Virginia. That gathering in turn generated additional focus and collaboration on several exciting initiatives for 2018, some of which we’d been working on already, some of which emerged directly from the meetings. Among those:

/Wisdom of Communities /will be a four-volume set issued throughout the coming year, with each book comprised of more than 300 pages of topical articles drawn mostly from /Communities/. We plan to release Volume 1, /Starting a Community/, in the first quarter of 2018; Volume 2, /Finding a Community/, in the second quarter; and Volumes 3 and 4 (relating to communication and ecological sustainability) thereafter.

The contents of our Spring 2018 edition, “Class, Race, and Privilege,” are already mostly assembled. It may be the most engaging issue I’ve been involved in editing, with relevance that extends far beyond intentional communities, which serve as microcosms for dealing with these core social concerns. We believe so strongly that wider distribution and readership of this issue will benefit everyone that we are using it to launch a “gift economy” experiment of sorts. We will be offering digital copies of issue #178 for free download from our _website <>_—and, because of software upgrades, these will include formats compatible with every variation of electronic device. We will solicit donations to support this offering, but not as a condition of digital issue download. We hope this will allow us to reach more people who become regular readers and subscribers as well. Future themes include “Eco-Building,” “Networking Communities,” “The Culture of Community,” and more.

However, these initiatives are not possible without the help of people like you. What we put out into the world can only continue coming if we have adequate financial support. Your _subscriptions <>_, _gift subscriptions <>_, _back issue <>_and _/Best of Communities/__orders_ <>, targeted _/Communities/__donations_ <>, and other forms of monetary contribution (through _classified and display ads <>_, _issue sponsorships <mailto:editor [at]>_, etc.) are /essential/to keep us publishing. We are embracing an “abundance” mentality in creating new materials that will benefit community seekers, communitarians, and other cooperatively-minded people—and also in making digital versions of our next issue accessible to anyone with an internet connection. If we receive adequate donations in response to it, we will continue that offering with future issues. We hope you’ll embrace an abundance mentality too in supporting this work. It cannot happen without you.

Thank you for being with us this far. We hope your year has been a good one and that 2018 is even better for all of us,


Chris Roth
Editor, /Communities/
81868 Lost Valley Lane
Dexter, OR 97431
editor [at]
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