Re: Apartment Sharing Developer attempts to co-opt cohousing, (Jenny Guy)
From: William C. Wood (
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2017 04:26:19 -0800 (PST)
/>> There is one key element for me that needs to be added to your core concept//
//>> of private home, common house and some meals, and that is democratic//
//>> self-management.//
/> I agree, that's given.//
To clarify, there are two important issues in this discussion:
1. What should qualify for the label "cohousing"?
2. What really works? (to help people live with the greater sense of community they may seek)

And on question 1, I agree that democratic self-management should be part of the definition of "cohousing."

But as for what really works -- I'd like to gently suggest that for many people, democratic self-management is a drawback, not an advantage. They do not like the idea of lots of meetings or the politicization of neighborhood issues. So, how can people live more in community? A number of different models are being tried -- "let ten thousand flowers bloom." We can all learn from the successes and the failures, including the success or failure of developments that include common facilities but no democratic self-management.

William C. Wood
Director, Simplicity House

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