Re: attracting interest from local media
From: Alan O'Hashi (
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2017 05:22:21 -0800 (PST)
hello michelle - i would say, as a journalist and pr guy, that the news 
business has changed and is more of a fast changing 'transmedia' information 
culture with written words maybe on a printed page, but always digitally, with 
video and audio.
general news releases aren't as effective as they used to be. why? news editors 
get dozens of news releases a day. if hard copy or digital, they go from 
traffic manager who maybe does some sorting but they end up with an editor who 
sorts it all out and if it doesn't get into the circular file, it may get to a 
reporter who has their regular writing to do. you want to do as much work for 
the reporter that you can, which is giving them a good angle that fits in with 
their beat. since it's about niche market development these days, you may end 
up with three or four versions of the same story.
i'll ramble here:- news should be about local people and maybe there's one of 
your members who has an interesting story about how 'cohousing saved me';- 
defining 'cohousing' and 'community' is tough to write about since they are 
more about experience as opposed to something that is intellectually learned.- 
make a relationship with one or more elected officials or other local gadflies 
who can be allies and okay with being involved in a news story;- meet with a 
reporter face-to-face (have your elevator speech down that's more about the 
people of your community, as opposed to your 'project'. there's nothing more 
boring than 'we're looking for more members', status of land, square footages, 
traffic patterns, architectural updates, shared cars, etc);- it may not be the 
hard news reporter you meet, but the lifestyle person, or the community news 
person;- another angle is an event, say a movie about cohousing or an author 
talking about a book and the public is invited. that could be co-presented 
maybe by the local film festival or bookstore and you'll have an entertainment 
page / literature page angle;- i presume you have a social media presence - 
keep it updated with photos and with human interest stories, links to other 
cohousing stories; cross post your stuff to the news media pages part of the 
news reporter's job description these days is to troll facebook news feeds.for 
what it's worth,alan o. *******************************************
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