New cohousing community in Denver, Colorado
From: Kristine Elletson (
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2018 10:49:41 -0800 (PST)
Hi Everyone,
I am looking for people in the Denver, Colorado area that are interested in 
starting a co housing community in the south Denver area —- Littleton, 
Englewood or Centennial.
We would be starting from the ground up.

I am a big fan of Charles Durrett and his approach to building cohousing,  and 
I would think we would follow his guidelines and workshops.  And possibly use 
his services to build the community. 

I would prefer a senior cohousing community, but will go along with the group.
The most important thing to me is building a group of people who are in sync 
with each other. 
Who enjoy being with each other, building friendships, community dinners,  want 
to participate in community activities, grow the community in a successful - 
useful manner for the benefit of everyone.  To build a family of friends, that 
are progressive, active, and proactive in building the best future for all of 

I am interested in all things sustainable, community gardens and going green as 
I love the concept of co-care and would like to incorporate it into the group.
I also like the idea of having units in the cohousing community for rent for 
people interested in cohousing,  to create income for the community.

If you are interested in creating a community in the south Denver area contact 
me; Kris Elletson -  303-798-0160  —- email at at kelletson [at] 
<mailto:kelletson [at]>  ——or message me on my facebook page,
My other facebook pages are: 

Kris Elletson 
kelletson [at] <mailto:kelletson [at]> 

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