Re: Exploring meal and common space scheduling options
From: Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah (
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2018 08:21:11 -0800 (PST)
RoseWind Cohousing, long-built in Port Townsend WA, relies on paper, with email 
back up, for meals. Potlucks: just show up; sometimes someone puts out an email 
"reminder, this Saturday is potluck brunch, and we'll be bringing pancakes" , 
to which some others may reply with what they will bring. For the weekly cooked 
meal, a paper on the bulletin board shows date, cooks, menu, and a list of 
usual attendees: circle if you're coming, cross off if not. If neither is 
marked, cooks may phone to check if you want to come; some cooks send an 
invitation and rsvp possibility via our basic community email group list. You 
can also note if you are bringing guests. 

At the meal, one  member marks in his notebook who came, and either they pay 
him or he dings their pre-paid account. He also reimburses cooks. Keeps a 
spreadsheet on his computer.

Reserving the common house is all on paper. Big monthly calendar on the 
bulletin board. Note event and sponsor, time frame. Also note committee 
meetings, community meetings, discussion circles, work parties, as well as 
sending email notices of such community gatherings.

This largely-analog system works well enough for us. 

Maraiah Lynn Nadeau

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