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At East Lake Commons in Atlanta, we have a limit at 25% of units, that we
are fairly close to. We also have a number of units that are owner
occupied, and a portion of the unit is rented out. Which means a lot of us
are renters.  Our experience has been that renters are no more likely to
turn over than homeowners and no less likely to be involved in our
community. Some of our most dedicated community builders have been
renters.  Factors that may contribute to our experience include the large
size of our community (67 units), the large size of the units (1600 - 3000+
sq ft) and the real estate market here which does not provide a particular
financial advantage to rental owners - obviously that varies by a lot of
factors, but the substantial income available from a rental in some areas
isn't common here.  Certainly the availability of rentals increases the
financial diversity of our community.

Karen Gimnig

In Community,
Karen Gimnig
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