Re: Limitation of number of renters question
From: Reede Stockton (
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2018 12:13:05 -0800 (PST)
That's a great point about financial diversity.  For those of us concerned
about the relative lack of diversity in cohousing, allowing a greater
percentage of rentals might help address the issue somewhat.


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> At East Lake Commons in Atlanta, we have a limit at 25% of units, that we
> are fairly close to. We also have a number of units that are owner
> occupied, and a portion of the unit is rented out. Which means a lot of us
> are renters.  Our experience has been that renters are no more likely to
> turn over than homeowners and no less likely to be involved in our
> community. Some of our most dedicated community builders have been
> renters.  Factors that may contribute to our experience include the large
> size of our community (67 units), the large size of the units (1600 - 3000+
> sq ft) and the real estate market here which does not provide a particular
> financial advantage to rental owners - obviously that varies by a lot of
> factors, but the substantial income available from a rental in some areas
> isn't common here.  Certainly the availability of rentals increases the
> financial diversity of our community.
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