Re: Seeking Examples of Cohousing Implementation Plans
From: Ann Zabaldo (
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2018 17:30:18 -0800 (PST)
Hi Chris —

I echo Elizabeth and Mariana’s suggestions with this caveat:

As others have said, hire a cohousing professional NOW to guide you through 
this labyrinth.  What you are describing is needing a pathway through the 
development time line.  These consultants have the plans and materials you are 

And, Chris, when your cohousing community is complete it would be a great 
contribution to the whole cohousing movement if you would be willing to write 
such a plan as you describe and share it w/ everyone on this list.

To help you on your way …

You can see all of the documents forTakoma Village Cohousing by going to this 
web page: 


Everything is available for you to read.  

I also suggest looking at the Mid Atlantic Cohousing website’s RESOURCES

Be sure to click on the other menu items in the pull down menu labeled 

I see today you have gotten some additional suggestions from Katie Henry and 
others.  Once again, in your reply today, I see you are asking for a document I 
do not believe exists in the format you desire.  Hence … my suggestion that you 
create this document and share it with us.  This is how you can help cohousing 
move forward. 

Congrats on your cohousing adventure.  Please keep us all informed of how you 
are doing.

Best --

Ann Zabaldo
Takoma Village Cohousing
Washington, DC
Principal, Cohousing Collaborative, LLC
Falls Church, VA

As long as you have two or fewer … your ducks are always in a row.  The Covert 

> On Mar 6, 2018, at 4:23 PM, Chris Terbrueggen <christopher402 [at]> 
> wrote:
> Thanks for responding . I would like to know if any experienced Cohousing 
> organizations have used strategic planning before and after offers to 
> purchase units we accepted . I would think planning ahead of time would also 
> be useful when a Cohousing organization is working through the first 100 days 
> after move in. Creating  a written strategic plan would allow an organization 
> to create proactive steps toward achieving goals  instead of responding after 
> a problem or issue surfaces. The only book I have seen that deals with 
> Cohousing planning is Creating a Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian.  
> Thanks, Chris 
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>> On Mar 6, 2018, at 12:30 PM, Mariana Almeida <missmgrrl [at]> 
>> wrote:
>> Hi Chris, 
>> I agree with Elizabeth. Huge questions that require clarification to 
>> actually begin to answer. The answers aren't easily written either. I 
>> suggest that instead you seek to have conversations with communities who 
>> have done a similar process in the last 10 years or so. Asking for doc that 
>> may or may not exist isn't effective and a demanding it again is bit 
>> off-putting. Through conversations, you may also learn that you need to hire 
>> a cohousing consultant to actually create your own plan (if you haven't yet.)
>> Mariana 
>> Berkeley Coho in Calif
>> On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 9:39:43 AM PST, Elizabeth Magill <pastorlizm [at] 
>>> wrote:
>> Chris,
>> I don't know what you are asking for. Or more accurately, this is a
>> huge question.
>> I assume you've read the cohousing books?
>> So beyond that, what are the holes you are looking to fill?
>> You've listed so many things I don't know where to start.
>> For example: I can't in one email, or in three, cover answer to
>> process policies, community formation, and construction supervision.
>> Liz
>> Mosaic Commons in Berlin, MA
>> On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 9:23 PM, Chris Terbrueggen
>> <christopher402 [at]> wrote:
>>> Hello again, I understand that we are all busy , but I am really concerned 
>>> that no experienced Cohousing communities have shared any inclusive , 
>>> strategic planning documents. Where do new Cohousing communities go when 
>>> there appears to be a lack of resources?  The National Cohousing website 
>>> has a tremendous amount of policy documents , but I have not found any 
>>> planning documents . Since  we are planning  a community of 45 households, 
>>> I would think community organization, participation from members and group 
>>> process would just be the starting point in the planning process. I would 
>>> appreciate some feedback from Cohousing communities that have taken some 
>>> time to implement a planning process into community development. Chris
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>>>> On Mar 1, 2018, at 10:24 PM, Chris Terbrueggen <christopher402 [at] 
>>>>> wrote:
>>>> Greetings, I'm a member of CohoMadison in Madison, WI. We now have 
>>>> reservations on 35 of our 45 units. We are planning a groundbreaking  May 
>>>> 2018.  We have a great project manager who is handling developer details 
>>>> and project construction.
>>>> As a committee member of the Strategic Planning Committee for CohoMadison, 
>>>> I am seeking examples of planning documents for cohousing community 
>>>> organization and implementation.  I would like to know what needs to be 
>>>> accomplished before and after offers to purchase are given to members and 
>>>> then what needs to be completed 6 months before and after move in.
>>>> Thanks, Chris Terbrueggen
>>>> Planning for the next phases. (Brainstorming)
>>>> 1.    After acceptance of offers-to-purchase
>>>> o    Process policies (Policies not in the condo documents)
>>>> o    Community formation
>>>> o    Practice meals
>>>> o    Construction supervision
>>>> o
>>>> 2.    Several Months before move-in
>>>> o    Move in issues (use of elevator etc.)
>>>> o    WiFi, cable etc.
>>>> o
>>>> 3.    Operation for the first 3 months
>>>> o    Circles for: Common space, meals, grounds, guest, etc.
>>>> Planning for next phases
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