Re: Seeking Examples of Cohousing Implementation Plans
From: Katie Henry (
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 12:32:41 -0800 (PST)
Hi Chris,

I'm afraid there's no such thing. Cohousing is not Ikea; every community is 
unique in a thousand different ways and there are no standard assembly 

Your community is unusual in that it's an urban multi-family project built 
without any cohousing professionals. Most self-developed projects are 
lot-based, where each member builds their own house on their own timeline, 
often stretching out for years (decades), and there's not a lot of urgency or 
dependence on others. You're in the opposite position, months away from 
starting a massive construction project, future home for 45 households, 
compressed schedule, countless decisions to make. You're in uncharted territory.

You've read these books, right?

Have you sent members to cohousing conferences? Those can be hugely valuable 
for forming communities. There are two in April -- one in Boulder and one in 

I'm curious what you meant by this: "I would like to know if any experienced 
organizations have used strategic planning before and after offers to purchase 
units we accepted." I don't know what strategic planning means and I'm 
wondering how it would be applied to bringing members into the community. Are 
you rejecting offers to purchase?

Katie Henry


Thanks Katie Henry . This is a great starting point . Our board members have 
been working on several of these aspects . Has anyone published a recent 
Cohousing guide on planning for move in . We are focusing on self- management 
and would like to keep our financial costs to a moderate level. I noticed that 
several people have asked this question in the list serve history.  Chris 

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